Patrick Ssenyonja

Kampala Projects


Patrick Ssenyonjo was born and raised in Kampala. At a very young age Patrick found himself living in Kisenyi slum and taking care of his younger sister. At the age of 16 Patrick started taking care of other children and soon found himself and several children living in a small slum apartment. The government authorities told Patrick that he was not old enough to adopt all of these children. Patrick decided he had to move out of the slum and through the generosity of an American woman, was able to rent a facility away from Kisenyi. Today Patrick is the founder of Raising Up Hope Uganda and continues to work with Desana. He is passionate about the restoration of Uganda. His primary focus is to help children who have no hope and who receive no food, clothes or love. He likes to ask questions and is always looking to learn. The children call him ‘Uncle Patrick’.

“Our vision is big, but if you believe all things are possible through God, then you know that big things can and will happen. We want to be ambitious in what we dream and in what we aim for. We don’t want to settle for less, because these children are the heartbeat of our country.”