Uganda @ONE Community Center

Primary Nursery Day School
Hassan Lusiba - Desana Staff
DirectorHassan Lusiba
SponsorUganda @ ONE Charity Organization
New Project

Uganda @ONE Primary Day School

DesanaGiving, in conjunction with the Uganda @ ONE Charity Organization, is preparing to open a Community Center with classes for teenagers and adults and children in English,  Bible Study, Fine Arts, Bookkeeping and First Aid as well as offering Saving Programs for local residents. The Community Center will be geared toward low income single parent families and will offer reductions in school tuition in exchange for parents assisting with cooking, janitorial services, maintenance,  guard duties, etc. Once well established in the community, the center plans to offer life skill evening classes such as sewing and tailoring, home health care and hair weaving and braiding. We are in the early stages of developing a facility. Stay tuned as a dream becomes a reality!