Our Mission

Desana’s mission is very simple: We exist to improve and enrich the lives of children of poverty through sharing God’s Love.

To accomplish this mission, we seek to enhance the quality of individual, family, and community life by providing services that are accessible and responsive to the needs of those we serve. We also work with communities where we have a presence to facilitate and promote solutions to community problems related to our broader mission. We locate key individuals with knowledge of the community’s particular needs, and we utilize that knowledge to put our resources to work doing to create as much positive change as we are able.

Our Vision

Desana believes that we should show the love of Jesus to everyone we meet so that they would know Christ through our words and actions. In return, we would hope that they would pass it on… and make Him known. By both of us doing this, it will result in transformed lives, restored relationships, and changed communities.

Protecting Children

Children worldwide, across all ages, religions and cultures, suffer violence, exploitation and abuse every day. Those in the world’s poorest communities are especially vulnerable — and, because of their poverty, less resilient.

Often children in violent or abusive environments are unable to exercise their other important rights — to food, shelter, adequate health services, education — which further impairs their development and perpetuates the cycle of poverty.

Working together — sharing resources, knowledge and experience — we can have greater impact in the short term and work to build stronger communities and institutions for the future.

Today, worldwide, 570 million children live in extreme poverty.

All children — including those 570 million — have rights to the support, protection and care they need to grow up healthy and strong. As a child-focused organization, Desana exists to improve and enrich their lives so that they are not prevented from fully experiencing their rights.