Our Accomplishments

In a little over ten years, we have done a lot.

Desana Accomplishments


  • Built shanty schools in several communities (Piura, Truillio, and Cusco). These schools helped street children re-enter the school system.
  • Sponsored dental missions in the Sacred Valley for five years, concentrated in Yanahuara and Pomatales. Tracked a significant improvement in oral hygiene and a great reduction in tooth decay over the course of these missions. 
  • Supported Dentists Without Borders in Peru, which provides free dental care for poor and underserved communities. (Ongoing)
  • Purchased $12,000 worth of portable dental equipment for Dentists Without Borders.
  • Partnered with a UK Charity, My Small Help – Peru to provide disaster relief to the Paucarbamba and Ollantaytambo communities during the 2010 floods. Created food kitchens to feed the homeless, and provided basic hygiene supplies.
  • Partnered with a UK Charity, My Small Help – Peru, to provide education in raising and production of Cuy (guinea pigs). This project significantly contributed to the economic recovery of Paucarbamba.


  • Constructed a sensory lab at Karpinsk Orphanage, a shelter for handicapped children.
  • Remodeled several bathrooms at Karpinsk Orphanage.
  • Remodeled several classrooms at Karpinsk Orphanage.
  • Provided annual BBQ picnic for the children at Zaimka Orphanage.  (Ongoing)
  • Provided birthday gifts for the children at Zaimka Orphanage.
  • Provided monthly operating costs for Kind Heart Shelter, a daytime children’s facility located in Nizhny Tagil. (Ongoing)


  • Through the extremely successful Desana Shelter Project, we returned over 250 boys from the slums in Kampala and reunited them with their families after spending 3 months in our program.
  • Funded construction of the first shelter in Houses of Hope, a shelter community for orphaned children in the village of Bujuuko.
  • Constructed three state of the art classrooms and an office block at Highway Secondary School (“HSS”) in Kiganda.
  • Provided clean water to HSS and the community of Kiganda.
  • Sent $350,000 worth of medical supplies and equipment to the Mubende District, which was used to outfit medical clinics around Kiganda.
  • Constructed a state of the art science lab at HSS.
  • Constructed a church at HSS.
  • Provided scholarships for students at HSS. (Ongoing)
  • Built and safe house for street children in Kampala.

Nashville, Tennessee

  • Provided food and hygiene supplies to the homeless.
  • Funded field trips for students at Kirkpatrick Elementary School in East Davidson County. (Ongoing)
  • Sponsored a family photo day at Kirkpatrick Elementary. (Ongoing)
  • Provided art supplies and food to students at Kirkpatrick Elementary. (Ongoing)