How do we improve and enrich the lives of the children?

First and foremost, we share the Love of Jesus. And because He has been so faithful in giving us the provisions to help others, we choose to Give Back (the meaning of Desana). 

Desana uses an approach that focuses on the developmental and  needs of children. We provide connected programs and services that have a proven positive impact in addressing what children need for their long-term well-being and growth.

We work through local based partners. We engage children and youth with their parents and families, and the people and communities that will support them.  We always put the child at the center, protected and supported with programs that improve and enrich children’s lives and create positive social change.

It does not matter which country or program, the child is the focus and always at the center of what we do. 

You will find that all of these projects from around the world touch the lives of children of poverty by dedicated Desana volunteers and staff.