I want to tell you of today’s life changing events. A boy named Edgar came to us about 3 months ago…..he was malnourished, suffering from typhoid and very lethargic. After medical treatments and a regular diet of good food, his health improved and he gained weight. He was excited about returning home yesterday, to Wakiso, a district near Kampala. Upon his return, both his parents burst into tears of relief and joy. Apparently (for reasons unknown), the father had brought Edgar to live with his brother (Edgar’s uncle) about 4 months ago. Edgar ran away from his uncle’s home to the streets. The father and mother reported to the police that the uncle had sold Edgar to a witch doctor for human sacrifice. I cannot say why they thought this. The uncle was imprisoned for a 25 year jail sentence (no investigation was done by the police.) Today, the uncle was released after serving 3 months for a bogus charge. The wrongly imprisoned uncle is free, Edgar was reunited with his very happy and relieved parents. They were so grateful, they shared a bag of nakate (greens) with us to show their appreciation. This is why we do what we do.

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