These are our Uganda Projects


Education is not free in Uganda. Though most schools are reasonably priced, they are not affordable to single parents whose income might be $1/day.

Street Ministry

Desana provides basic needs for a number of homeless adults currently living an alternative lifestyles on the streets.

Naguru Remand Center

Naguru is a Detention Center for children (ages 12 to 17) who have been arrested for crimes and are awaiting court dates for trials. It is a Government Facility and is managed by the Ministry of Gender.

Love and Empower Child

Love and Empower Child Project is in Kampala that rescues children from the Kisenyi slum (legally with proper paperwork from the government) and prepares the children for reentry into society. Many times, the children are reunited with their families.

Highway Secondary School

HSS is a day and boarding school located in Kiganda Uganda. Desana helps support various programs and helps maintain the school property.

HSS Dorm Rebuild

Dorm rebuild project wants to replace the dorm that was destroyed by fire in 2015. Since that time, the boys have been sleeping the Science Lab building therefore keeping the Science Lab from being used as intended.

Calvary Chapel

Desana is sponsoring the pastor at Calvary Chapel. We are also outfitting the chapel with sound equipment, musical instruments, African Drums and other items as needed to grow a vibrant worship community.