Our Russian Projects.

Winter Clothing

For the last several years, with the help of one very generous donor and one awesome company, we have been able to supply warm clothes to many children in Russia.

Orphanage Graduate Program

Desana volunteers work with these “graduates” by teaching them basic financial skills and budgeting, cooking, and often basic parenting skills.

Children’s Village

Children's Village Orphanage in Zaimka is a special orphange that keeps children of the same family together as a family unit. Wonderful house mothers that really care about the children.

Special Needs Orphanage

Far north in the remote Russia in a community named Karpinsk, this orphanage houses 450 special children. DesanaGiving has help this orphanage for several years.

Kind Heart Shelter

Kind Heart Shelter is a day shelter sponsored by DesanaGiving. The shelter is located in Nizhny Tagil Russia.