Orphanage Graduate Program

Russia Grad Program - typical living
Elena & Irina - our first 'grad'
ProjectOrphan Graduates
DirectorElena Antropyanskaya
LocationNizhny Tagil Russia
Transitioning orphans into the real world.

Orphan Graduates

Once orphans turns 16, they “age out” of the Russian orphanage system and must leave. Many have spent their entire lives as wards of the state, and lack the necessary life skills to survive. Desana volunteers work with these “graduates” by teaching them basic financial skills and budgeting, cooking, and often basic parenting skills. Without this help, many of these graduates would be evicted and turn to the streets, heartbreakingly repeating the mistakes their parents made that brought them into the system in the first place. Desana’s program seeks to break this cycle by teaching these graduates how to achieve success from a different path