We Are


Sharing God’s Love with the children of the world.

Show the Love of Jesus

We believe that every person we serve should be shown the Love of Jesus and hopefully transform life. 

Inspired by the Gospel that mandates to love, serve and teach, DesanaGiving continues to improve and enrich the lives of children of poverty.

Restored Relationships

We show our love for God by obeying His command to care for the least of His people and make disciples of all nations. Every ministry program of DesanaGiving is based on sharing the Love of Jesus. We know that nourishing the physical needs of people is not the ultimate goal. We long to see them fed spiritually and restored into a right relationship with God.

Our Mission


Desana’s mission is very simple: We exist to improve and enrich the lives of children of poverty.

To accomplish our mission, we seek to enhance the quality of individual, family, and community life by providing services that are accessible and responsive to the needs of those we serve. We also work with communities where we have a presence to facilitate and promote solutions to community problems related to our broader mission. We locate key individuals with knowledge of the community’s particular needs, and we utilize that knowledge to put our resources to work doing to create as much positive change as we are able.

Communities Served
Total Projects
Volunteers & Staff
Children Helped Annually
Sharing the Love of Jesus

DesanaGiving Ministries

Rebuild Boy's Dorm

HSS Kiganda Uganda

Love and Empower Shelter

Kampala Uganda

HSS Chapel

HSS Kiganda Uganda

East Nashville Christmas

East Nashville TN

Winter Clothing


Photo Day

East Nashville TN - USA

Street Ministry

Kampala Uganda

Naguru Remand Center

Kampala Uganda


Kampala Uganda

Kind Heart Shelter

Nizhny Tagil Russia


Nizhny Tagil Russia

Food Project

East Nashville TN

Karpinsk Orphanage

Karpinsk Russia

Children's Village

Zaimka Russia

Highway Secondary School

Kiganda Uganda

East Nashville

Nashville TN
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Kathy's Blog

“God Bless The USA”

I’ve been back in Kampala a month now, and as always, am happy to be spending time with my local family of friends. Everyone’s response when they first saw me was “You’ve been lost!” I told them that I wasn’t, that I knew exactly where I was, spending time in the States (and parts of...
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March 2017 Update

March was a very busy and a very exciting month.This is definitely the best behaved and most loving group of boys we have ever assembled at one time! They all do their required chores without complaining and are eager to learn and participate in group activities. Many are very bright, but, as always, there are...
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Under My Skin

I sometimes wonder if I’m the same person that I once was when I arrived in Uganda some six years ago, naive and totally clueless about the Ugandan culture, traditions, mindsets, beliefs, etc. I know I will always be an American, but I also believe I view life, friendship, politics and poverty differently. Africa has...
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