HSS Dorm Rebuild

Dorm rebuild project wants to replace the dorm that was destroyed by fire.
Boys dorm destroyed by fire.
Boys forced to sleep in the Science Lab
Construction of boys dorm in March 2018
Inside construction of boys dorm March 2018
ProjectHSS Dorm Rebuild
DirectorGeorge Houk
LocationKiganda Uganda
Boys forced to sleep in the Science Lab

HSS Boys Dorm Rebuild


We raised enough money to start construction. We are not finished raising money but we decided to go out on faith that God will provide. He always does!

The boys dorm was destroyed by fire in 2015. Fortunately no one was injured but the boys lost all of their belongings and were without a place to sleep. Since that time, the belongings have slowly been replaced (thanks in part to the girl students who shared personal hygiene items and books and paper).

The children have been so crowded trying to sleep in a space not designed for living. The space was built as a Science Lab, which the school desperately needed to help advance their science program which leads to the university and a medical career. Living in the lab is not good for many reasons. That is why we need to get this dorm constructed and let the boys live in a space set up for living and get the lab back to being a place of learning.

The new dorm will be able to house up to 600 boys. Safely. Comfortably. It has been two years since the fire. We need the help of everyone. If you can do so, please do. If you will pray with us, that is amazing also. Please share this page with everyone you know.